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Your organization’s information is under constant threat of attack and being vigilant is key. A proper security strategy must include networks, servers, and mobile devices – everywhere. So, how can you make sure your organization’s data is safe?

Great security software and hardware is a good start, but you need an affordable way to implement your protection that’s also easy to manage. Fortunately, Sophos Professional Services can help you get there. We have the right products and proven best practices to optimize your security solution. Our trained experts will make sure that your company gets the most from our technology and expertise.

Plan, build and manage your security infrastructure

Security threats are multiplying and becoming more complex and harder to detect. Any security solution must continually adapt to changing threats. Planning, building and managing your infrastructure is crucial to optimizing your security technology. Sophos Professional Services has both the experience and knowledge to make sure that your security technology gives you the best results and the best achievable ROI.

We support each phase of Sophos product implementation. We help you plan, implement and manage the system to get the highest level of protection at the lowest possible operating cost. Companies and government agencies that use our Professional Services see faster implementations and tangible business results more quickly. They achieve consistently lower security risk, while continually optimizing their Sophos solutions as their business needs and security threats evolve.


Sophos Professional Services support your pre-implementation discovery, planning and design activities. We identify your security requirements to get you the best protection for your existing infrastructure, budget, staff resources, and specific business requirements. We’ll help you with:

Security Consulting: We’ll analyze your current environment, identify security threats, prioritize risks and develop a roadmap to mitigate them.

Architecture Design: We’ll develop an architecture tailored to your unique environment and business needs so you achieve your security goals.


Our consultants have the experience and expertise to fully support your implementation and upgrade process for all Sophos products. They will configure your Sophos environment for optimal operation and performance, and deliver this service either onsite or remotely.

Quick Start: In this rapid rollout program, we implement a foundational deployment architecture and process for your Sophos solution. Once developed, your staff or our consultants can then replicate this process throughout your organization.

Enterprise Implementation: For more complex or timesensitive deployments, our team provides a deeper level of assistance and implementation support to quickly and efficiently deploy your Sophos solution.


Our programs focus on ongoing optimization of existing Sophos implementations, thereby increasing their effectiveness. All services can be provided onsite or remotely depending on your organization’s needs.

Health Check: We review your existing Sophos solution, validating your configuration or recommending changes to achieve optimum results.

Training: We provide your staff with the knowledge they need to take full advantage of our technology. Choose from a wide range of onsite and remote training options to meet your unique requirements.

Residencies and Managed Services: Residencies provide specific expertise focused on operational assistance for your security infrastructure. These services help you close gaps in staffing, skill or experience without adding headcount. Managed Services are longer-term engagements than residencies. They deliver comprehensive best practice expertise and ongoing assistance for the management and support of your IT security infrastructure, including security and console monitoring and reporting.

Project Management: We provide comprehensive management of your security projects, which minimizes costs and frees your staff to focus on higher-value activities. Our project managers coordinate in-house, third-party and Sophos resources for fast results. We closely monitor tasks, people and milestones in the field to keep your project on schedule and on budget.


Maximize your investment

You’ve invested a lot of resources to get the best IT security. Why not make the most of it? Our IT security experts can help you get the most out of our technology, so you can see tangible business results sooner.

Our experience, your peace of mind

With Sophos Professional Services you can be sure that implementation, configuration and upgrading of our solutions are aligned with your security needs and our best practices.

Our knowledge, planning, and proven methods help you achieve the highest levels of protection and keep costs down. Our security consultants make sure your Sophos solution meets your expectations and your desired level of protection.

Key benefits

  • Tangible business results
  • IT security solutions tuned to your needs
  • Expert assistance – on site or remotely