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Welcome to the next generation of cybersecurity protection. The transition from Sophos XG to XGS Series marks a significant leap forward in safeguarding your digital landscape. With continuous advancements in performance and security, the Sophos XGS Series is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation of your network's defense capabilities. Let us guide you through the evolution and show you why now is the time to upgrade.

In the quest for unparalleled network security, the Sophos XGS Series stands out with its groundbreaking dual processor architecture and dedicated hardware FastPath. This leap in technology delivers significantly increased performance, ensuring your network is not just protected but also performs at its peak. Discover the new technological advancements that set the XGS Series apart and make it the cornerstone of modern cybersecurity strategies


Customer Benefits:

Cost Savings

Enjoy hardware cost offsets with our promotional offers, making the upgrade financially advantageous.


With no new software to learn and the ability to restore from XG backup, transition seamlessly with limited downtime.


Benefit from continually improving performance and more flexible connectivity options, including 5G support on select models.

XG Series XGS Series
Performance Virtual FastPath Hardware FastPath
  • Overall improved performance as resource-hungry operations are handled more efficiently
  • Reduced latency which speeds up day-to-day administrative tasksand improves application performance for SD-WAN, VPN, etc
Single CPU Dual-processor architecture: x86 CPU plus dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for hardware acceleration (FastPath)
  • Reduced burden on the main CPU
  • As further operations are added to the FastPath in future releases, existing customers get performance improvements over the lifetime of their XGS hardware
TLS decryption using x86 CPU only TLS decryption via FastPath and increased RAM capacity on XGS 3300 and above
  • Improved performance for high-end models
  • Use TLS decryption without throttling performance
  • Version 19.5 and above: Xstream TLS via the FastPath
Connectivity Limited built-in connectivity More built-in interfaces and additional flexi port modules
  • Increased port density and diversity
  • PoE ports on some desktop models
  • Fiber bypass via new flexi port modules
Expansion slot on XG 125/135 models only Expansion slot added on XGS 116 in addition to XGS 126 and 136 Customer Benefit with XGS

When you're considering an upgrade from an XG Series appliance to the XGS model, it's essential to evaluate a few key aspects of your current setup to ensure a smooth transition and to continue enjoying the robust security and connectivity features Sophos offers.

Understanding Your Current Subscriptions

Since 2021, all XG Series customers have transitioned to a newer licensing scheme. If you've been using FullGuard, you've likely moved to Xstream Protection, which includes Email and Web Server Protection. It's important to review whether you actively use these services because, while Xstream Protection offers a wide range of features, Email and Web Server Protection would require separate renewals.

Recommendation: If Email Protection is crucial for your operations, you might find Sophos Central Email Advanced offers a more comprehensive set of features. Also, consider your needs for Web Server Protection; you might find that your requirements are more effectively met with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). With the integration of the ZTNA gateway, deploying ZTNA has never been easier, offering a streamlined solution for your security needs.

Additionally, if you've been utilizing legacy RED devices for SD-WAN connectivity, it's worth exploring Central Orchestration, included with Xstream Protection. This feature offers a familiar, zero-touch deployment experience, enhancing connectivity for your branch offices and remote locations with Xstream SD-WAN.

Wireless Management and Access Points

If you manage access points through your XG Series, consider transitioning to Sophos Central for wireless management. While Sophos Central offers enhanced scalability, advanced features, and a future-proof solution, it's also crucial to check the compatibility of your current access points. Notably, indoor legacy AP Series access points will not be supported on the XGS model beyond December 31, 2023.

**Recommendation**: For a seamless transition and continued optimal performance, moving any existing or newly acquired access points to Sophos Central is advisable, provided they are supported. Remember, Sophos Central Wireless doesn't entail additional licensing costs for managing AP and APX Series access points. For AP6 Series access points, a Support and Services subscription is required per access point, or individual management is possible through a local user interface.

Flexi Port Modules and Transceivers

The XGS models come with additional built-in ports to meet many customer needs directly. However, it's important to note that Flexi Port modules from the XG Series are not compatible with XGS models. If your setup relies on these modules, you may need to consider purchasing new ones.

For information on third-party transceiver compatibility and further details on transitioning flexibly and efficiently to the XGS Series, please visit our website or consult the specific knowledge base article provided.

By reviewing these aspects, you can ensure that your upgrade to the XGS Series aligns with your current and future security and connectivity requirements, allowing you to continue protecting your network with Sophos's cutting-edge solutions.

Why XGS and Xstream Protection?

The XGS Series hardware brings the Xstream Architecture in Sophos Firewall OS to a whole new level. With a dedicated, programmable hardware FastPath for trusted or verified applications and processes, which could otherwise throttle performance. Sophos’s hardware models have always offered excellent flexibility to adapt connectivity, the XGS Series models expand on this even further with more built-in interfaces, and more connectivity and flexi port modules.

The Xstream Protection bundle offers the ultimate in protection and is constantly being enhanced. This gives you added value over time and bolsters their defenses with new capabilities.