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RackMount Kit for Sophos XGS 116, XGS 126, and XGS 136



All rack mounts are subject to the availability of given stocks and can vary significantly
based on the timing and the size of the order.

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.

The RM-SR-T12 gives you the ability to mount your Sophos desktop appliances in a 19" rack. The rack is tailored specifically for the listed models to guarantee a perfect fit. In addition, the connections are brought to the front for easy access, as well as the console port. The power supply is fixed to prevent an accidental loss of power.

Assembly will take about 5 minutes. Simply slide your Sophos device in the kit, place the retainers, connect the supplied cables and keystones, and fix the power supply to the rack.

Other colors can be delivered on project basis.

Image Views:

RM-SR-T12 Front View

RM-SR-T12 Side

RM-SR-T12 With Fiber

RM-SR-T12 Rear View

Color RAL 9003 Signal White
Height 1.3U / 2U
2U with the supplied front plate
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 2.24 x 18.98 x 8.54 in. (57 x 482 x 217 mm)
Number of connections brought to the front 10
Console port to the front Yes
Cables 10x 0.5m cables
Couplers 10x RJ45 couplers
Supported Models
  • Sophos XGS 116
  • Sophos XGS 126
  • Sophos XGS 136
What's in the box
  • 1x SoRack + couplers
  • 1x Rackmount.IT front plate
  • Cables
  • Assembly materials
  • Installation guide

Download the RM-SR-T12 Datasheet (PDF).

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