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Sophos SafeGuard Easy
Simple full-disk encryption for laptops, netbooks and desktops

Sophos SafeGuard Easy

Sorry, this product is no longer available, Please contact us for a replacement.


  • Internationally recognized encryption standards for fulldisk encryption of NTFS, FAT and FAT32
  • Prevention from hackers from getting confidential data while computers are in hibernation mode
  • Permissions that allow only authorized users to read encrypted data, even if the hard drive is removed
  • Fast initial encryption option that encrypts only the parts of your hard drive in use so it won't slow your users down
  • OPAL self-encrypting hard drives and two factor authentication through non-crypto token and biometric fingerprint at pre-boot2 support

Sophos SafeGuard Easy keeps all the data stored on laptops and desktop computers safe without getting in the way of your users' productivity. If a computer is lost or stolen, full-disk encryption prevents anyone from reading the data. So your users can take their computers anywhere without fear of a data breach or compliance problems.

Key benefits

Strengthens your data protection with minimal effort

  • Delivers data security using proven encryption algorithms that maximize security and performance
  • Ensures complete security with encrypted swap and hibernation files

Helps users work efficiently

  • Provides silent encryption that lets users work without interruption
  • Offers secure password recovery by phone or the local self-help option
  • Makes login more convenient and secure with single sign-on—there's just one password to remember

Saves deployment and management time

  • Works with your existing system management tools, such as LANDesk
  • Upgrades easily to SafeGuard Enterprise for centralized management