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Sophos SmartCards in Encryption / Generic
Smartcard Support in SafeGuard

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption - File Encryption Advanced

Notes: SmartCard support available for AET, Charismatics and Generic.

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Smartcard Middleware tested in SafeGuard Device Encryption
Vendor Middleware Version Windows 7 Windows 8 / 8.1 Windows 10
32bit  64bit  32bit 64bit   32bit 64bit 
AET SafeSign 3.0.97 x x x x x** x**
SafeNet (Aladdin) Authentication Client 8.3 x x x x    
Gemalto .NET x x        
Gemalto Access Client 5.6.4 x x        
Gemalto IDGo 800 1.2.1 x* x*  x x    
RSA Authentication Client 3.6 x x        
Atos (Siemens) CardOS API 5.3 x x x x    

Please note: SafeGuard Easy only supports the non-cryptographic logon mode (user credentials stored on the token/smartcard) to perform an authentication to the system. 

* Supported on Operating System level only (not for Power On Authentication). The PKCS#11 module needs to be configured using a "custom PKCS#11 settings" policy.
** Requires the SafeGuard 7.0.2 Service Release and AET SafeSign middleware version 3.0.101.

Pricing Notes: