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Cybersecurity as a Service

Cybersecurity is too complex, too difficult, and changes too fast to be effectively managed by most organizations.

We can manage your cybersecurity with cybersecurity as a service.

How We Do It

Sophos MDR

Sophos Managed Detection and Response Service


We use hundreds of cybersecurity experts + advanced AI


We monitor your network, servers, and computers 24/7


We protect your organization from cyberthreats

Sophos MDR Is Compatible With What You Already Have

No need to rip and replace. Sophos Managed Detection and Response works with the tools and processes you already have—making it easier to get up and running with cybersecurity as a service.


Works with major cybersecurity vendors


A powerful API if you need deeper integration


Sophos Central provides you with complete visibility

Whether you only want a little assistance or a lot, we can help.


Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Whether you are looking for a fully managed security operations center or you prefer to manage your own cybersecurity, the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem has you covered. A complete, integrated platform of protection that provides a single interface into email, cloud, network and endpoint security. All backed by artificial intelligence, human threat analysis and open APIs to integrate with 3rd party tools and other cybersecurity vendors.


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