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Sophos Mobile Control Advanced
Secure, monitor and control mobile devices

Sophos Cloud Mobile Security

Sorry, this product is no longer available, Please contact us for a replacement.


Protect your Android devices against malware and other threats The market dominance of Android devices and the inherent openness of Android led to the proliferation of malware and Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA). SophosLabs detected over a million new pieces of malware in 2014 alone, and the growth rate is accelerating. Malware can lead to data loss, reputation loss, additional costs, and reduced performance.


  • Privacy Advisor warns of potential privacy breaches
  • Security Advisor gives tips to improve device security
  • Loss and Theft Protection
  • App Protection with additional passwords for sensitive apps
  • Spam Filter ÌÌ Application Whitelisting
  • Protection from:
    • Malicious apps
    • Malicious websites
    • PUAs like adware and other threats
    • Low-reputation apps

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